Windy & Cold in Key West

This winter has been a cold one.  It was in the 40′s one night, but it didn’t quite make a record.  It was in the 50s for a while at night, but now when I wake up it’s usually about 61 degrees F.  For Key West, that’s cold.  Even during the day the temperature hasn’t been able to climb out of the sixties.  And the wind.  20 to 25  knots for days on end!  We’re just hoping for a 15 knot day, which by comparison is calm.

Not getting out there for spearfishing makes us feel landlocked and stir crazy so we go lobstering in front of Key West when it’s too rough to head out to the reef or the bar.  The thing is, because the water in front of Key West is shallow, like 15 feet or so, it is colder now that the nights are colder.  The water temperatures on the reef are actually warmer, but we can’t get out there lately because of the rough waters.  You need a good wetsuit, preferably 5mm and your hood is just about mandatory because of the cold.  My new wetsuit ROCKS, and I haven’t been cold all winter.

So a little Key West lobstering never hurt anyone on a windy day.  The best part is dinner!