Warm Water is Here!

The warm water here, and Key West snorkeling is really taking off. No longer do you need a wetsuit, the water is so warm. Just a stylish rashguard and shorts or bikini bottom will do…with lots of sunscreen on those uncovered parts! The water is finally calmer, and some days the ocean around Key West is like a lake. Don’t get me wrong- the winter cooling breezes are always a welcome part of any Key West snorkeling trip. But smooth water is excellent for snorkeling.

These pictures were taken today, and although conditions were excellent for snorkelers, the water was a bit green, making the vis a little bit compromised. But as you can see in the barracuda picture, taken at about 20 or 25 feet, you can still see bottom. This barracuda was following us, lurking, as it seems lots of barracuda do. They think all boats are fishing boats, which means wonderful bits of chum showering down for them to eat. Not this time! They get close, making picture taking fun and easy. But don’t worry, they are afraid of people, they won’t harm you.