Vacation Rentals in Key West

If you’re staying in Key West or any of the other Keys for a week or more, you might want to consider a vacation rental home.  Renting a home for a week, a month or a season becomes cost effective when you have a family or group.  There’s actually a useful website that lists vacation rentals. The listings on the site are put up by the owners themselves, with links to their property website if there is one. You pay the rental fees and pay no third-party fees for booking, which is good. They usefully list amenities available in a clean right hand menu for each property, making it so easy to find the perfect Florida vacation rentals. At time of writing, there were seven vacation rentals in the Keys section, all with pools. One of these was in the Key West area.

The section for Orlando vacation rentals easily had the most listings. And every single property had a swimming pool, although in some places you had to share the pool. With the website’s clear design and simply layout, it’s easy to scroll down the list of vacation rentals in your vacation area and find what you need. The listings are descending order of bedrooms, so for Orlando, you get the bigger houses with six bedrooms, at the top of the list.