USS Coast Guard Cutter Ingham

USS Coast Guard Cutter Ingham is part of the Key West Floating Maritime Museum.  It’s located at the Truman Waterfront and also includes the USS Mohawk.  For a short time before its sinking, the USS Vandenberg was also docked here while it was prepared and cleaned for sinking as an artificial reef.  It’s 327 feet long and was launched in the mid-1930s.  It’s an important part of US history because she is one of only two such ships that have been preserved and still in good condition today.

Cutter Ingham saw action in WWII, the Korean War and in Vietnam.  During the 1980s she performed search and rescue operations while the Muriel Boat Lift was taking place.  Decommissioned in 1988, she was brought to Key West, FL in 2009.   She is now a National Historic Landmakr.  You can visit USS Coast Guard Cutter Ingham and take a tour.