The Rooster in Key West

Key West ChickenRoosters and chickens have a reputation they don’t deserve.� For such a beautiful bird that actually rids the island of cockroaches and other pesty bugs, the rooster is criticized way too often and harassed for no reason, as well.� Did you know that back in the days before Orkin, they had chickens and roosters to take care of pest problems around the home?

Key West chickens forage in the dirt and eat bugs, thereby preventing them from entering your home.� They are not “unclean” – have you ever stepped in chicken poop in Key West?� How about dog poop?� I’ve stepped in the latter but never even seen a hint of the former.� Maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for…?� What does it look like.

The chickens and roosters in Key West are part of the island’s colorful history.� These are not farm chickens let loose.� They are descendants of actual fighting roosters!� Cock fighting used to be a big deal here in Key West, before laws were passed against the sport.� Sometime perhaps in the 1970s or 1980s, the fighters had to be released and now they are a pest-eating, picture-worthy part of the streets in Key West.