The Key West Winery


Once a year we head to the Key West Winery and get all our Christmas shopping done.  This is going to sound like paid advertisement, but I assure you it’s not.  We choose fruity wines and have them sent right from the store to people back home in NY state.  It’s easy and people LOVE receiving this wine! 

My family loved the Orange Sunset wine, semi sweet version.  This year we also sent bottles of the Hot Sun wine, which has tomato and peppers in it.  And of course how can you resist sending someone a bottle of Key Lime wine?  We try and choose bottles that have pictures of the Florida Keys on them, too.  

I sampled the Cocoa Beach, which has one of the best flavor combinations ever invented: orange and chocoloate.  But it was too sweet, like drinking syrup so I didn’t buy it.  Instead I bought Coco Polada, which has Pina Colada flavors in it.  There’s also a watermelon wine, which I also couldn’t resist.  I tended to choose the sweeter-sounding wines because they seemed tropical and festive, perfect gifts.  They also have dry wines and champagne, too.  

The Key West Winery storefront is at 103 Simonton St, almost completely at the end of the street by the waterfront.  There’s parking in back, just for Key West Winery customers.  That’s totally unusual!  The actual store is delightful, with a skylight over the wine showroom, so light bounces all around.  They’ve decorated with stained glass too, so just standing in the showroom is a treat.  They will give you samples of any wine you want, and usually there are samples of their dips with chips as well.  The other end of the store has their other items, like local books, salsas, candies, and endless jars of gourmet foods.  Locals get a 10% discount all year long.  Have Fun!

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