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Key West Snorkeling


Coral Is King

I love Key West for all sorts of reasons, but what drew me here and what keeps me on the Rock is …


Vandenberg Pics

Current on the Vandenberg was strong today, so for freediving it was a quick drift and that was it, all over in …


A Key West Video

Scenes of Key West: Fishing for Mahi Mahi Mallory Square Sunset Celebration Shark Fishing Sunset Cruise Snorkeling Smathers Beach Jet Skiing Kiteboarding

You can see the growth

The Vandenberg, 6 Mos. Later

It’s been just over six months since the USS Vandenberg was sunk.  Our artificial reef is coming along nicely- not everything is …

Gulf Beauty

Sometimes when it’s windy, it’s fun to head out in the boat to the Gulf side, or Back Country.  It’s different there, …

Clear Water in the Gulf!

Key West snorkeling is always great, but lately we had some clear water on the Gulf side.  We headed out to the …

Freediving the Vandenberg

After all those months of anticipation for the Vandenberg sinking, we finally got to dive it last week. Freediving the Vandenberg is …