Sunny Vacation, New Hotels

As far as sunny vacations go, you can’t beat Key West.  But for a different type of fun in the sun, try Tucson, Arizona.  It’s even hotter in Tucson than in Key West in summertime, but as they say it’s a dry heat! Temperatures can reach 110 degrees and above in summer in Tucson but what a difference the dry desert air can make.  All the same, you want your AC to be working.  Most new hotels in Tucson have AC, unless they are old adobe historic places that use something called a swamp cooler, which was how they cooled places in the days before AC.

For the best experience, your hotel should have a nice view of the mountains that surround Tucson.  Santa Catalina National Forest surrounds the city, with the Rincons on one side and Mt. Lemmon on the other.  Hotelsand resorts that are nestled in the foothills are the best, since they offer natural vegetation like cacti, as well as the best views and proximity to hiking trails.  In the spring, summer and fall months in Tucson, hiking is the best way to beat the heat, so a hotel in the foothills will ensure your stay in this desert city is not only restful but convenient as well!

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