Spring Break 2010

Spring Break 2010 – Smathers Beach is covered with bodies- from water’s edge to the cop-occupied dunes behind the sand, it’s mass people. So many bikinis- the kids not wearing bikinis or board shorts stick out like awkward guests wearing pajamas to a hip nightclub.

Boats pull up providing soundtrack and vibrating pods of bikini girls, moving and dancing as one organism.� Almost everyone is on the sand, not in the water but some venture in, shoulders raised instinctively against the cold shock of in-shore frigid waters.  These kids come from all over the country, many from colleges and universities in Florida but others from colder parts, like the upper midwest.

We get the full range of schools here, from large state universities to small private colleges, all come to enjoy the sun and water in Key West.  It’s probably the highest concentration of learned minds you’ll find all year here in the Southernmost City.  Key West isn’t known for its academic culture…we do have one community college here, and there’s something on the Navy base offering college courses, but otherwise it’s all about fun and sun here.

If you want to get ahead and work on a new degree, you have to search out and choose one of the accredited online schools that suits your needs.  There are more and more of them these days, catering to the academic needs of people who have chosen island living or who are otherwise isolated from academic institutions.