Living the Good Life in Key West

No matter how many visitors to this island, and no matter how many daily flights come into Key West International Airport, Key West remains an island that’s far removed from the mainland, way out in the middle of the ocean between Cuba and Florida.  Taking a Key West vacation is a dream, but choosing to live here is entirely different.  Those relocating here leave behind family, in many cases, but in any case communications are important for keeping in touch with friends & family on the mainland and beyond.

About 20,000 people live here year round, and to stay connected in the modern world they increasingly rely on high quality Comcast Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Digital Voice Bundles in Florida.  Comcast in Florida provides reasonably priced bundles to keep everyone in touch, up to date, and fully entertained.  By bundling communications services, it’s all taken care of in one package so there’s more time to enjoy all that Key West has to offer.

Comcast Cable TV in Florida offers lots of  Digital channels and if you have DVR there’s no need to watch commercials.  Some are now in High Definition.  Digital Cable also offers the ability to pause and rewind your shows, and of course to watch them whenever you want.  In Key West that’s important so you can tailor your life around diving, fishing, snorkeling, kiteboarding or whatever your passion.

Weather is all important to islanders.  Bad weather can mean everything shuts down for a while until storms pass.  Bad weather can also mean outages in communications services.  Comcast Cable in Florida is better in these situations because, unlike satellite TV, service won’t be interrupted because of bad weather the way satellite TV can be.

Not only are the TV, Internet and Voice bundles a great deal, but they are also very easy to have installed.  Most homes in Key West are now wired for cable TV so when Comcast comes to set you up, it’s just a matter of pluggin in a receiver to wires that are already in place.

And for the Digital Voice part of the package, you get unlimited calling, both local and nationwide and it’s super economical.  Definitely a plus when it comes to staying in touch with your friends and family who couldn’t make the move to paradise.


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