Key West Snorkeling Celebration at the Nine Foot Stake

Yay, it’s a celebration!  It’s April 15, and taxes are done!  In Key West, we celebrate by heading out to the Nine Foot Stake and jumping in.  It’s a Key West snorkeling celebration.  The conditions were perfect for a pleasant day of snorkeling.  It’s only blowing 8 knots, and the water temperature, according to our local Key West dolphin tour guide, is a wonderful 82 degrees.  Lovely weather for a 3/2 wetsuit.  For spearos, not ideal conditions, as you can see below.  But everything is relative, and we spotted mackeral all over the Nine Foot Stake area.

Here are some vis report pictures.  One is taken from the surface, at about 30 feet depth.  The next is taken halfway down.  The one with the diver in is at about 30 feet.  Very green.