Key West Nature Trail

key-west-nature-trailKey West isn’t known for hiking trails, but there is actually a nature trail in the mangroves that ends up on the beach.  If you go to Atlantic, it’s on the south side of the road, right next to the 1800 Atlantic condos.  You can park your bike at the entrance, then walk in through the thick mangrove vegetation.  The boarded walkway takes you over swampy brackish water which supports lots of mangrove life and critters that dwell therein, like spiders and wading birds.

There are nature trail signs so you can read up on mangrove habitat while you’re there.  As you get closer to the ocean, you’ll see a bench and platform for resting and viewing the scenery.  Then the board trail ends up at the dune line of the beach, which like all Key West beaches, is narrow.  It’s a nice diversion and a cool place to take pictures.  Key West used to be covered in this type of vegetation and it’s nice someone has preserved a small patch of what it used to be like.