Key West Civil War Heritage Days

One of the interesting things about Key West is the situation in which the city found itself during the Civil War.�� Fort Zachary Taylor, which wasn’t even complete when the Civil War broke out, was a Federal fort of course.� But Florida is in the south, so you have mini versions of North vs. South in some southern states.

This occurred in most Federal forts of the south where Federal soldiers tried to hold their ground, but South Carolina and Fort Sumpter get all the attention.� The standoff that happened at Fort Sumpter and the ensuing fame (or infamy) could just have easily taken place at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, had Florida been governed by a firebrand secessionist like the Governor of South Carolina at the time.� Fort Taylor remained in Union hands throughout the Civil War, by the way.

Key West has a lot of silly events designed to attract and entertain tourists who don’t know any better.� But the Key West Civil War Heritage Days celebrate real events in our city’s history.� That makes this event one of the coolest celebrations of the year.� However, this year the best part of the weekend was canceled because of the crummy weather.� The schooner battle was scrapped – how disappointing.

These were some participants at the Key West Boat Show, also disappointed with the cancellation of the schooner war.� As you can see from their costumes, they are re-enacters.� I love the Coach bag addition to the outfit on the woman.