Key West Boat Show

The Key West Boat Show and Nautical Market was, well let’s put it in nice terms… a sign of the times.� If you go to a boat show, you want to see awesome boats you dream about.� You want to be impressed, you want to see incredible examples of what money can buy.� You don’t want to see Sea Chasers.

This year’s Key West Boat Show offered attendees the chance to see boats up close which didn’t really inspire much.� Not very inspirational at all, actually.� There were maybe a dozen boats, many of which were a brand (Sea Chaser) known for its strength in the budget category.� These were not dream boats, for the most part.� There was a nice Sea Cat outfitted with lots of fishing boxes, a huge live well, and millions of compartments for gear, etc, but pretty much the 2010 Key West Boat Show was a bust.

This is a Used Boat for Sale

As for the vendors, don’t even bother.� Want a polyester T-shirt?� How about a bronze mermaid windmill?� Or some jewelry?� There was some no-name dive gear on sale, and a book tent with 50% off books.� But wow, what a bust.� I guess nobody’s buying expensive boats these days, so it makes more sense to have Sea Chasers and used boats for sale on the lot, like the one in this picture.

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