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Another Key West Sunset

The view from Ocean Key Resort’s Hot Tin Roof restaurant is simply amazing. After all the windy weather we’ve had, and after …


Birds in Key West

We spend so much time in Key West looking down, underwater that is, because the marine world is so fascinating here.  But …


A Key West Video

Scenes of Key West: Fishing for Mahi Mahi Mallory Square Sunset Celebration Shark Fishing Sunset Cruise Snorkeling Smathers Beach Jet Skiing Kiteboarding


Spring Break 2010

Spring Break 2010 – Smathers Beach is covered with bodies- from water’s edge to the cop-occupied dunes behind the sand, it’s mass …


The Rooster in Key West

Roosters and chickens have a reputation they don’t deserve.� For such a beautiful bird that actually rids the island of cockroaches and …


Key West Nature Trail

Key West isn’t known for hiking trails, but there is actually a nature trail in the mangroves that ends up on the …

Key West Wildlife

This is a tiny island, and resources are strained.  It’s crowded, especially during winter.  There aren’t a lot of wild animals on …