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Key West Photos

photos of Key West living


Coral Is King

I love Key West for all sorts of reasons, but what drew me here and what keeps me on the Rock is …


Vandenberg Pics

Current on the Vandenberg was strong today, so for freediving it was a quick drift and that was it, all over in …


Another Key West Sunset

The view from Ocean Key Resort’s Hot Tin Roof restaurant is simply amazing. After all the windy weather we’ve had, and after …


Hot Tin Roof

The views of the sunset are great from Hot Tin Roof.  This is the restaurant at Ocean Key Resort, accessible from the …


Birds in Key West

We spend so much time in Key West looking down, underwater that is, because the marine world is so fascinating here.  But …


A Key West Video

Scenes of Key West: Fishing for Mahi Mahi Mallory Square Sunset Celebration Shark Fishing Sunset Cruise Snorkeling Smathers Beach Jet Skiing Kiteboarding

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtles

If you snorkel or dive in Key West waters, you might get to see a Green Sea Turtle.  Most of the turtles …