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Fantasy Fest 2008

Pictures from people enjoying Fantasy Fest 2008 in Key West, FL. There is nudity so you are warned!

Fantasy Fest 2008 Saturday

This is the big night, when the crowd doubles and the parade starts at 7.  So many people in the streets, and …

Friday Night, Fantasy Fest 2008

Some really wild costumes this night.  The Pheonix costume was terrific, and so was the Raggedy Ann and Andy couple.  

Toga Party, Fantasy Fest 2008

As always, Sloppy Joe’s Toga Party brings out some great costumes.  The 2 tall men with the black feather headdress were impressive. …

Fantasy Fest 2008 -Sunday Night

Sunday night, October 19. 2008.  Mel Fisher’s Museum had a Hot Wench and Wicked Pirate Tea Dance in their courtyard.  You can …