Casa Marina Pier

Casa Marina is one of the loveliest resorts in Key West, hands down.  It’s got the longest private beach of any resort, on-site water sports, newly renovated rooms and facilities, and a gorgeous historical building to boot.  They are fully equipped to handle any function, but especially weddings.  And hopefully I’m not sounding like an advertisement for their wedding services, their private pier is the perfect backdrop for a tropical destination wedding.  The long stretch of wooden dock capped by a gazebo at the end becomes picture-perfect scenery each night at sunset.

Casa Marina is also extremely elegant inside, with chandeliers, large open lobby with high ceilings, and plush everything.  Located on its own corner of the island, it transports guests to another era, and creates an environment for total escape, relaxation, and pampering.  If you have the cash, you have the possibility for one heck of an impressive wedding party at this Key West resort.